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Spyrix Free Keylogger 9.0

A keylogger for remote monitoring your PC activity
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Spyrix Free Keylogger is an interesting program. At first, it looks like any other safety add-on or control application you use when there's a little bit of paranoia in the air. But this little program has a few tricks up its sleeve that make it stand out.

Keylogger is actually designed to be a remote monitoring tool. It has a rather simple interface that provides access to various control and monitoring tools. It has a tool for recording the date and time when a computer has been used, a screenshot capture feature that will provide visual evidence of activity by other users at work or children at home. There's also an instrument for tracking the use of specific applications in the system or even keystrokes, including the ones that were removed. The level of monitoring and control is so deep you can actually tell what a person was doing at one exact moment in detail. Special mention goes to social network activity monitoring, which is especially useful to business owners who want to keep tabs on their employees during working hours, or parents worried about their children.

Newer versions of the program include extended Web functionality, providing the option to monitor your PC using a secure web account instead of accessing the hardware directly. It can even be remotely uninstalled.

Spyrix Free Keylogger does not conflict with antiviruses and can work not only with operating systems, but with USB drives and printers as well. It's a very complex tool despite being easy to master. If you need to know what your computer's been doing while you were away, this is the tool for you.

James Lynch
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