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Spyrix Free Keylogger 2.3

Log and take screenshots of any keyboard and clipboard event
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Spyrix Free Keylogger is a free monitoring tool that allows you to log and take screenshots of any keyboard and clipboard event. It also allows you to take screenshots of any window change and log your computer's activity.

Its user interface is very intuitive. All its tools are well arranged in a tree view and can be easily configured; each one is widely explained in the Settings tab so no extra help is required. Among other things, you lets you log both the regular keystrokes and especial keys (Enter, Esc), you can set the screenshots' quality and set the minimum time to record the users’ activity. Besides, the program can be totally hidden; you can hide it from the Task Manager, and remove it from the Windows Start Menu and the Installed Programs list. Also, you can hide its tray icon and remove its desktop shortcut. And if it has been entirely hidden, you can bring it back by hitting a hot key.

The program includes more monitoring tools - Log Delivery, Social Network & IM, Web Pages Visited, Alerts - but they cannot be executed. They appear only for informational purposes.

So, excluding the last detail mentioned, this program can be a good option to begin with if you are looking for a free surveillance system.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • It can take screenshots of active window changes.
  • It can log the regular keystrokes and especial keys such as Enter and Esc.
  • It logs the time when computer session starts, ends, as well as periods of user's inactivity.
  • It can be password protected


  • The program shows more monitoring tools than it can actually perform
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